Since the pandemic hit, more and more businesses have been utilising video interviewing as the world went virtual.

With some seeing the benefits of this interviewing format long term, many have adopted it on a much more permanent basis, especially during the earlier screening stages.

And although the saving of time may seem like one of the biggest benefactors, there are a whole host of benefits to consider if still on the fence.


Creates a Seamless Flow of Data

Data is everything in the modern world. But recruitment is often playing catch up. By adopting video interviewing, you are enabling your recruitment team to close some of those gaps. Instead of relying on manually inputted data, a candidate’s interview data can automatically be imported into your ATS system to always maintain a seamless data flow.


See a Candidates Ability to Use New Technology

Technology is becoming a big part of most job roles, even those more manual. So, the importance of candidate’s ability to adapt to new technology throughout their position is growing. And although video interviewing can have its disadvantages, such as relying on an internet connection and a candidate’s ability to know how to use it correctly, it is worth considering that this, in some cases, can showcase whether the candidate would be suitable for businesses long-term. If they struggle to use this software, it could suggest their lacking ability to go about day-to-day tasks in the job role, should it ever be technology dependant.


Helps Manage Higher Applicant Volumes

With the job market drastically shifting, many businesses have faced a high volume of applicants never predicted when implementing their current recruitment systems, leaving many simply unable to manage their processes sufficiently and looking for other resources to help. But just by adopting pre-recorded video interviewing, teams can more than double the number of interviews in a day that could ever be conducted in a face-to-face environment.


Prevents Unconscious Bias

Making candidates complete a structured pre-recorded video interview enables businesses to treat candidates the same. This is crucial during the interview stage, where the opportunity to become subconsciously bias grows. By simply standardising it, we help minimise its impact by giving each candidate an equal opportunity. By implementing pre-recorded video interviewing, each interview can be in the same format, with the same questions and answer time.


Creates More Collaborative Teams

We previously discussed the importance of becoming more collaborative with hiring managers, and video interviewing is certainly a way to do it. Should they benefit from being involved at this stage, hiring managers can instantly become a part of the interviewing stage without having to put lots of their time aside. This means hiring managers would not have to match up to their schedules with recruiters and candidates, they could watch the video at a time that best suits them. This also allows hiring managers to provide more sufficient feedback to the recruiter at the earlier stages, to improve long-term communication.



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