video interviewing tool by Recruitive

As the events of this year further digitalised recruitment and proved our traditional methods outdated, one handy tool, in particular, prevailed – video interviewing software.


You could see the use of video was already taking our industry by storm in the form of marketing, advertising, and onboarding and now has completely changed the dynamics of interviewing too.

Putting hours of our time aside interviewing unsuitable candidates is a thing of the past, as video interviewing provides us with the ability to interview candidates virtually both in a live and pre-recorded format.

The video interviewing tools within our Exigo Lite Applicant Tracking System, further support our clients in attaining their recruitment goals.

Helping to not only further extend their candidate reach, but the ability process talent quicker, deliver a better candidate experience, improve team collaboration and of course reduce their overall time and cost to hire.


So, How is it Used?

With just a click of a button, Recruitive ATS users can send requests to either a chosen individual or multiple for the completion of a video interview.

With branded templates, our clients can set up interview formats with bespoke questions that they can save, edit and utilise again.

This tool works alongside our communication suite, so users can email and send SMS to candidates who need to complete an interview and automatically sync it with their calendars.

As candidates complete the interviews, the ATS will show and notify admin users, marking the uploaded video against the candidate’s record to be reviewed.

And with more candidates applying for jobs via mobile devices our video interviewing like our whole applicant tracking software is accessible from anywhere, at any time, on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

As well as the option to request and record video interviews, users can also video interview candidates live directly from the system, so recruiters can shortlist quicker and easier with no need for multiple apps or windows.

If you would like more information on our video interviewing tool, get in touch!


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