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Bias is one of the biggest issues currently facing the recruitment and technology sectors, an issue that Unbiastech is committed to combating by supplying diverse technology candidates to businesses in the UK and US.

This woman-owned organisation is dedicated to supplying diversity in the workplace, regardless of background, sex, age, or race, and apply ethical due diligence practices to their hiring methods.

They work with employers and candidates to address any potential hurdles and even supply job seekers the option to utilise their specialist careers coach Tracy Hodges. 

Tracy is an expert in technology and can provide advice on change and transition, career wellness, performance, Imposter Syndrome, leadership, including any further support needed in one’s job search.

Tracey said, “I took the decision to change my career after a series of jobs left me discouraged by the way senior leadership behaved and treated their staff, by the workload that was forced on people, by the poor managers and lack of development opportunities within Technology.

“I’ve taken all of my experiences on board, along with a passion and dedication to coaching, I have used it to successfully transition my career.

“I wanted to be able to help people reach their full ambitions and help them become a better version of themselves by overcoming their blocks and challenges.

“With hard work and lots of study I am fortunate to now be running my own career coaching practise where I can help transform the career journey of others as well.”

Commissioned by a Leading Healthcare Provider, ICG Medical, Unbiastech enables candidates to customise their jobs search with filters and keyword search and sign up for job alerts so they can be notified of the latest technology vacancies.

It is secure, updatable, and mobile compatible.

And has been submitted to Google for Jobs, so the sites available vacancies show at the very top of a relevant Google jobs search.

You can take a look at the Unbiastech website here – https://www.unbiastech.com/


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