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As COVID-19 shifts the way we work, employers need to find new ways to help recruits set up.


With the global pandemic changing the traditional office environment as we work remotely, the digital workplace is becoming the new reality.

But, with the help of a wide range of digital tools available, from Employee Onboarding Software and Applicant Tracking Systems to Video Conferencing Platforms, this transition is possible.

Although, while it may be one thing to transition current employees from the physical to digital office, companies need to also learn how to train recruits.

To do this, organisations need to think of engaging ways to prepare and onboard new employees as they begin working online.

Here’s a list of four ways you can do this:


Sort your processes

Organise your processes before getting a new employee on-board, making sure the documentation of everything is up to date.

It should be a regular task making sure Internal processes and projects are well documented.

Also, having employee equipment, software, and email accounts ready ahead of time is useful even more so when working remotely.


Have virtual face-to-face introductions

Working from home means no more gathering in the break room for a natter, so it’s important to ensure that they meet other colleagues in person, as this will no longer be happening organically.

Schedule get to know calls for every new employee with not only their team but the key people in the organisation that they won’t be working directly with to help put a human connection behind the names on an email.


Engage Them Digitally

Working from home can be an isolating experience, especially when you don’t know your colleagues, so try to make your onboarding engaging for new starters.

Show them the true company culture as a recruit can easily isolate themselves when they are physically distanced from their team members and managers.


Use New Tech

Experiment by using new tools like augmented reality (AR) for training and onboarding to help scale the process.

Use it to update manuals, tutorials and upload new content. AR can be used as an engaging tool for new employees, changing the way they digest new content.

HR departments also need to consider looking into how they can implement new Recruitment Systems including, Employee Onboarding Software, to help recreate their company culture from different locations.

Although there’s no timetable to when this is going to end, it’s better to get ahead of the curve now to maintain your infrastructure.


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