In the midst of the challenges we have all faced recently, a lot of on-boarding issues have been exposed. 

From companies now living month to month with no backup or crisis cashflow to organisations scrambling to recruit and onboard new employees as soon as possible – time has really been of the essence.

On-boarding is and always has been an integral part of converting a candidate to an employee. Ensuring the transition is smooth, candidates are engaged, documents are collated and everything is ready on day one to significantly decrease the risk of pre-employment drop-off and increase retention rates. In current times, it is even more key.

Collecting delivery drivers licenses, care workers information for DBS checks or an employees bank details has never been such an urgent job! Emails bouncing back and forth, folders on desktops and post-it notes with bank details on are not the way to do things. Having the below massively increases the experience from both the candidate and employer perspective:



Online Candidate Portal 

Having a dedicated candidate portal enables the candidate to log in and check the progress of their on-boarding process from anywhere at any time. Within the portal, you can provide dedicated content appropriate to the role that the candidates being on-boarded for, checklists of what the candidate needs to do/provide, engaging media including videos, progress updates so they can see where they are and when they are likely to come on-board. Having this area makes a candidate feel part of the organisation before they even start!


Online Document Collection

Providing a dedicated area for candidates to upload their document directly saves time in many ways. The candidate can simply log in and upload rather than attaching to emails that can often slip through the net. Documents will automatically be attached to the candidate profile in your secure ATS, all in one place and there are no fears of GDPR breaches.


Online Data Capture

Collecting data online is easy, efficient and accurate. Applicants give the correct information, so there is no confusion because you heard 7 rather than 11 when taking the national insurance number over the phone. Collecting key data in one place means a huge reduction in things getting lost in translation.


Frequent Communication

Allowing recruiters to communicate individually or in bulk will massively increase your candidate engagement. That constant stream of communication will make your candidate feel secure, valued, engaged and confident in your organisation.


In any market onboarding is important, in the current it is imperative.


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