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It may feel like you’ve hit a bump in the road.

The business was busy, but the prospects you had for the next few months have probably gone out the window. And you can’t blame organisations for wanting to pull back.


Everyone is quite literally trying to survive as this pandemic has and will affect every business across the UK.

However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. It may feel like you have more spare time than you know what to do with, but it’s how you utilise it that’s important.

How many tasks have you planned to do but put aside because something always takes priority?

You will probably and we ‘hope’ never get an opportunity like this again. Even though it may feel like parts of the business you’ve worked so hard for are starting to fall apart, use this time to strengthen the parts you may have been neglecting.

As a business, Recruitive is also using this time to better ourselves as we believe there’s always something you can do to improve in some way, shape or form.

So, we thought it might be good to put some ideas together to motivate those who feel like they’re at a crossroads.


Plan & Strategise

Start putting a plan in place for when things get better because they will get better! Maybe it’s creating a marketing plan, business plan or new recruitment strategy. What were your main goals, and did you get close to achieving them? If not, put a strategy in place to how you might get there. But remember, you need to plan for a best and worst-case scenario. Although it can be hard for businesses to plan at this time due to the level of uncertainty there is, a plan is better than no plan.


Upgrade Your Website

This is a great time to improve your website. Maybe you’ve wanted to sort out those technical glitches, create a new layout or build a brand-new careers section? What’s great about this time is that doing tasks like changing a website would normally, for many, disrupt business, but at this moment in time business has already disrupted. Unless you’re running a busy e-commerce site then maybe hold off on this one!


Create New Business Material

When was the last time you updated your business material? Do they have the latest product and service information? Do they still meet the professional branding standards of the business? It could be anything from business cards, presentations to brochures. Tasks like these might not always get the time of day they deserve.


Update Your Branding

This brings us onto the next one, branding. Could this be the time to rethink your market presence? Are you happy with your branding and how you’re perceived by your target market? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but for some, a rebrand is a great way to reinvent your business. A fresh start for when this is all over.


Create More Content

Are you happy with the content you’re producing, and are you producing enough of it? Review what you’ve been doing and see if it’s been working. Content is important and it can work in multiple ways, for example, to improve SEO, be an advertorial or purely a source of important business information. But remember, consider the current situation and be sensitive with the content you’re sharing during this time, as it could easily be detrimental if done carelessly.


Upgrade Your Technology

Technology Is always being enhanced, so when was the last time you upgraded it? It could be a great time to install a new server or increase your cybersecurity now you can thoroughly check its suitability and deal with any teething problems that occur before it’s implemented.


Explore New Software

Consider if you have all the tools and software you need. There may be some tasks that can be streamlined if you’ve not upgraded your processes for a while. So, see what’s new in your market. Although, it may not be something you want to implement currently, starting research and trying demos/trials gives you the ability to test the water.


Look at Your Internal Processes

These times can shine a light in the cracks of an organisation, for example, its internal processes. Consider if they’re working and when they were they last reviewed. It may be a good idea to get staff members involved from various departments to provide insight from different perspectives.



Research. It can often be a gruelling task but, when it’s done it can be extremely useful. This spare time can be used to review your competitors, conduct market research or investigate the top employee concerns. This research can then be used to inform business strategies.


Tidy Up Your Data

Have a good clear out! You may find you’re continuously saving data and information in case you need It for another day, but have you been keeping on top of it? It may be too unorganised to use or there may be information in there that’s no longer relevant. Data is useful for businesses to review and predict, but not if the data cannot be used sufficiently.



Now your data is tidy, have you had enough time to review and reflect on how business has been? It’s a good time to see what’s been going well and the areas you need to improve. If your data is not providing you with sufficient information, consider if you need to create some new reporting methods.

Although we’ve only listed some of the ways you can improve your business, we hope this helps by sparking some new ideas for those stuck in a rut.


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