Multi-Job Posting Tool Job Mate By Recruitive

Businesses across the UK have taken quite a hit in the last few weeks.

Key sectors such as Health and Social Care, Public Services, Food Retailers and Logistics have the nation relying on them to keep society functioning.

But to do this, they need to urgently recruit to meet public demand.

And even though there are now plenty of unfortunate people on the lookout for roles, they’re either not qualified enough, or there are too many applicants for businesses to process.

As a company who supports organisations with their recruitment processes through software, it’s clear to us right now the benefits of having an Applicant Tracking System to manage candidates, if they were to have one.

But some don’t, possibly because they’ve never needed one and now don’t have the time nor the resources to put this system into place.

Working in a tech-driven world we knew there was something that could support these companies to meet their demand.

From our perspective, this needs to be something of a low budget that can be set up almost instantly.

A Multi-Job Posting Tool will allow them to save a vast amount of time by posting their jobs to multiple jobs boards in one submission.

What’s great about this tool is that it still gives you the capabilities to track and filter applicants without needing a full ATS.

So, to help, we have made our Multi-Job Posting Tool which is available within all of our ATS packages more accessible.

This Multi-Posting Tool called Job Mate enables a company to post their vacancies to a choice of over 1,400 Jobs Boards, including top boards, Indeed, Google for Jobs and CV-Library.

But the best bit is that this can be up and running within 24 hours with on-going support and advice from our team of experts that have over 100 years of experience between them.

So, what’s it’s full capabilities?


Advert Distribution

The main feature is that it allows you to post a job vacancy to 1, or multiple job boards in one go.


Response Tracking

Response Tracking enables you to track which jobs boards are producing the best results to help manage your return on investment.


Quota Management

Quota Management allows you to set a Jobs Board credit allocation by user, team, branch or date to ensure you never overspend.


Advert Management

You can track where you have posted an advert and when it is due to expire to retrieve or repost if required.


Response Reporting

There are full reporting capabilities including trends, response tracking, sector profile and activity reports with customisation if needed.


Database Integration

It integrates with your current database or recruitment software. This saves time in copying and pasting information and ensures consistency throughout processes.


Job Board Network

You have the choice to post jobs to 100’s of jobs board in a few clicks including big-named boards, free to post, niche and regional boards to help target all markets.


Advert Approval

This option ensures that all Job advert wordings are approved by a senior member of your staff before being submitted. This is great for training new starters.


Technical support

A dedicated team of support staff are appointed to your account from the start. They are contactable by telephone, email or through online help portals to provide training and support on demand.


Website Integration

You can post vacancies onto your website as well as multiple Job Boards.


Extended Candidate Reach

Access to additional candidates sent to your website from all of the free and premium candidate aggregation sites.


Free Services

There a few extra free benefits including JobMate Tweets, a free Twitter Job Posting Service, JobMate Mobile, our iPhone application service and more.


If you think we could help you with our Multi-Job Posting Tool don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us here or on the Job Mate Website where you can also find more information.


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