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To increase candidate engagement and response, you need to look at your recruitment process from a candidate perspective.

Last year LinkedIn reported less candidate engagement with a 20% increase in job seeker drop-off.


The market is continuously changing along with candidate expectations. To stay ahead of the market, constant consideration needs to be undertaken to evaluate how they like to apply, what engages them, and where their loyalties lie.

Here are our suggestions:


Review Your Application Process

To start improving candidate engagement you need to review your application process. Candidates will turn away from long-winded applications, so make it as easy as possible for them to apply. The easier you make it, the more likely you are to receive applicants but don’t let quantity overshadow quality. Only include questions which are 100% informative for both you and the candidate and avoid being repetitive. If they are actively seeking roles they’re probably applying for multiple jobs at a time. Each with a time-consuming application process to complete.


Streamline Your Recruitment Processes

Streamline your recruitment process to make it smoother for candidates. Having an online portal can increase candidate engagement by allowing them to track their progress, communicate and upload relevant documentation in one place. To gain a real insight into your processes, get members of your team to trial it as a candidate.


Process Applications Quicker

Stay on a candidate’s horizon by processing their application quicker. Waiting days/weeks to respond risks losing candidates to other job opportunities. Communicate their progress quicker by using screening technology, including CV parsing to review and shortlist suitable candidates.


Have Continued Communication

Make each candidate feel valued by having continuous communication with them from start to finish. Having recruitment software with an automated messaging system can make this easier. But remember, people receive automated emails on a daily, so make the process more personalised at each stage and consider engaging them in different ways. SMS can be used to avoid being lost in cluttered inboxes and is a great way to send them gentle reminders to showcase your commitment to engage with them.


Be Transparent

Tell the candidate what they want to know. Inform them on progress opportunities, salary expectations, and how long it would take to get them onboard. Most candidates will research an employer beforehand, so have a dedicated page with accessible information on company culture, values, perks, and benefits. After all, it’s better to come from the horse’s mouth but be cautious not to make promises you can’t keep.


Create Engaging Content

All content on your career’s page and third-party websites needs to be as engaging as possible. Use multi-media content that interestingly displays the benefits of working for your organisation. This is the best opportunity to showcase your company culture and according to Glassdoor, half of job seekers value company culture over salary. 


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