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The 7 Things You Can Do To Protect & Promote Your Brand Image When Recruiting

Keeping in mind the impression you leave candidates with is as important as finding the right one

The recruitment process for organisations, especially SMEs, can be laborious and time consuming. It is also a vitally important exercise which can affect the future of the business. Get it right and you will have added a team member who will help drive the company forward for years to come; an asset to the business with fresh ideas and new ways of doing things that your existing team may not have thought of. On the other hand, get it wrong and not only have you added deadweight but you will have to start the recruitment process again.

Getting the selection right is not the only consideration. Your brand is something that should be at the very core of everything you do as an organisation. How you are perceived by others outside your company is all important and this should be a consideration throughout the recruitment process.

It should be remembered that recruitment is a two-way process and however difficult and stressful it is for an organisation, it is just as stressful for the candidate. Whether they are successful or not, the impression you leave them with can and will resonate. A bad experience can cause harm to your brand when the opinions of an aggrieved unsuccessful candidate start spreading on social media.

How, then, can you ensure the recruitment process that you employ is a positive experience for the candidate?

Let’s take a look at the 7 most important things your company can do to protect and promote your image during the recruitment process:

  1. The job advert, just like all of your advertising should reflect your brand. Make sure your advert stands out; make it clear, concise and attractive to the sort of candidate you wish to attract.
  2. Acknowledge receipt of their application. Communication is a key factor throughout this process. Never, ever ignore any application! These are people, not just numbers.
  3. Let them know their application matters to you. You may want to make every candidate feel like they are worthy of your attention by sending them a corporate brochure; an introduction to what your business involves and what you are trying to achieve.
  4. Consider a letter rather than an email. Yes, snail mail is so last millennium, but it is much more personal than an email and lets the candidate know their application matters. However you choose to communicate with them, make it personal. Don’t just fire off a generic email that looks like they’ve triggered an autoresponder.
  5. Keep your candidates updated at every stage of the recruitment process. Notify them of any delays and let them know they haven’t just disappeared from the selection list.
  6. A letter to the unsuccessful candidate makes all the difference. Don’t let them guess they have been unsuccessful judging by your silence; it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
  7. Consider making a phone call to the successful candidate/s. If they are going to be important members of your team you must make them feel valued and you can start by letting them know you’ve got the time to call them and congratulate them on their success. Again, the personal touch makes all the difference.

If you keep in mind that you have a duty of care towards all of the candidates whose applications you receive when advertising for any given position – whether senior executive or office junior – they will come away with a positive opinion of your company.

Competition for the best is always going to be tight and, while they may not be the perfect candidate for the vacancy you are advertising today, they may be perfect for the one you advertise tomorrow. Treat them well and they may reapply, treat them badly and they’ll be welcomed by your competition.

Our recruitment software includes multiple tools to assist the communication with your candidates, from bespoke application forms, email confirmations, bespoke email response management, SMS confirmations, Interview scheduling, Onboarding solutions and more. We allow you to communicate quickly and professionally with your candidates, while keeping a track of all communication.

We ensure your brand is not only protected, but projected in a positive manner to ensure the positive experienced is shared by both future candidates and your employees.


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