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What is project management? Is it necessary? What will it achieve? We want to exceed your expectations and ensure that your project is not only delivered on time, but that it also achieves the goals that were set at the very first consultation meeting. To ensure this happens, we deploy experienced project managers alongside a comprehensive project management process.

Projects are usually complex and involve numerous stakeholders. Having an experienced project manager to lead the initiative and keep everyone onboard is critical to project success. Implementing projects without good project management is a false economy. It is sometimes thought to be an unnecessary burden on the budget, and it can be expensive sometimes, but can you afford to not have project management? Without project management, what brings the team and the client together? Without it, who reports and manages any changes or problems during the process?

With good project management from order through to launch and beyond, we are able to deliver projects on time and on budget. We also ensure that you get exactly what you ordered, when you want it and it does the things you wanted it to do and more!


At Recruitive we have a proven project management methodology based on PRINCE2 principles, utilising a three-step implementation methodology. We understand each implementation is different and the installation process is customised to fit the needs of each of our clients.

The key features of the Recruitive project management methodology are:

  • Its emphasis on dividing the project into controlled and manageable phases and stages, offering a structured, consistent and proven approach.
  • Its scalability and flexibility which ensures that it can be applied to various different types of software projects.
  • Its defined organisational structure (roles and responsibilities).
  • Its focus on business justification


This phase is broken down into a number of constituents:

Project Setup

The objective of this aspect is to handover the project from the Recruitive Sales Team to the Recruitive Professional Service Team, to ensure all team members are fully briefed on the project objectives, benefits, risks and project commercials.

Solution Design

The objective of this component is to conduct a scoping study to confirm the key functional requirements (with associated estimates) which meet the core business objectives. This typically involves a business analysis workshop(s) and a write-up exercise. During the workshop(s) Recruitive will update a Statement of Work document, which lists each functional requirement.

The Statement of Work is a document which describes the framework of the project and includes:

  • Identification and agreement of project scope objectives, and benefits
  • Assessing and communicating project risks with our client
  • Clearly defining the scope of Recrutive’s and our clients efforts and responsibilities
  • Identification and agreement of project management and quality control procedures including project reporting mechanisms and frequency
  • Approval of project approach, plan, deliverables and budget, and identification of project controls


During this phase the changes to the standard system identified in the design documentation will be created and implemented.

Throughout the system build, Recruitive will perform a series of quality assurance tests on the solution to ensure that the built system has been designed as per our design best practice. This will normally include a number of reviews with our client’s project team to cross check that expectations are being met.

This stage is broken down into a number of elements:

Solution Integration and Configuration

During this stage in the process, Recruitive Engineer(s) will be configuring the solution and installing any interfaces, as appropriate and performing system verification to confirm that the software is working as designed.

Training and UAT

Recruitive will provide on-site training for key personnel from both an Administrative and User training perspective. We utilise a “Train-the-Trainer” approach when completing software implementations. This allows key members of our client’s staff to be trained thoroughly on the application, so that they may train additional current and future staff members.

Recruitive will also provide online training classes for our customers. Each online training class is focused on a specific component of our system; therefore, our clients are able to identify which class or classes are relevant for each member of their staff. We provide our clients with scheduled date(s)/time(s) for these online training classes, so that our client’s staff are able to sign up for and attend those training classes.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) will be performed with real life business simulations to ensure the solution is fit for purpose.

Document Configuration and Back-up

Following the update of the solution with any final configuration settings, these will be documented within the operational documentation of the solution. Key operational procedures are documented to support the ongoing operation of the system.


During the final phase of the implementation, Recruitive will provide assistance with our client’s production system and post installation support resources. The objective of this phase is to prepare for and to Go-Live on the Recruitive solution.

This includes the following activities:

Knowledge Transfer

Perform steps defined in the knowledge transfer checklist to communicate understanding of the delivered solution, both internal within Recruitive and with our client. By completing these knowledge transfer sessions, both our Client Service Team and our clients will be better able to understand the system set-up and the operation of the system.

Production Deployment and Conversion

The Production environment will be deployed, which will be our client’s active system. This environment will contain the data collected and provided to Recruitive to build our clients system database. This database is the starting point for our client’s new system. We work with our clients throughout the installation and training to help configure our client’s database accurately.

Project Transition and Closure

The objective of this stage is to Go-Live on the solution and Recruitive to provide Go-Live assistance with any concerns and/or questions.

Post Go-Live, Recruitive will continue with the previously nominated formal points of contact for the business as usual processing.

We supply a range of end to end recruitment solutions, from careers websites, ATS systems, interview scheduling tools, onboarding software plus ongoing marketing and SEO support. We provide ongoing management and support throughout each of these services. We support these services with detailed plans and reports to help you manage and report on your recruitment processes.


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