Recruit greener.

You might have had your head buried in the sand if you’re not aware of the social and political debates surrounding the worlds ongoing environmental issues.

With the growing importance to be ‘green’, companies are having to become more open on their strategies to be sustainable.

But there are still some who are behind on updating their processes. Possibly because going green can be seen to not always have as many financial benefits but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes to updating your recruiting system.

Many organisations are using outdated recruitment processes and by updating your HR carbon footprint you could also reduce the time and money to recruit.

Below are some ideas on how you can change your strategies to recruit green.


Use An Applicant Tracking Software

There are many benefits to using an ATS system. Not only can it streamline your recruitment process, reduce time and cost per hire but it’s also more environmentally friendly than using traditional recruitment measures.

Instead of using paper and having your recruitment process in various places, all necessary information needed when sifting through candidates can all be in one place. It also means it’s easier for companies to adhere to GDPR.

At Recruitive we provide an ATS system that covers everything a Recruitment Team needs to hire. From the initial need to hire through to the on-boarding of your new employee. Recruitive’s award-winning cloud-based technology can be uniquely designed to your desired solution.


Recruit Staff With The Same Values

If you are wanting to become green, you’re probably going to want to include it within your company values and publicise these.

These values then need to then be reflected through your company’s actions and the people who represent you. Staff are a great place to start.

Make sure your employees are embracing the green way of thinking. Think of some fun ways to engage staff members with the new initiative, for example, offering staff rewards to recognise their Eco behaviour.

You also need to begin introducing an environmental-based question in your interview pack for new staff members. Communicating your environmental value to future candidates can give a competitive edge by making your company a more desirable place to work.


Updating Your Strategies

Consider questioning your current strategies to be able to see what needs to be updated to create an environmental focus.

Questions like –

What are we currently doing to be more sustainable?

What are our competitors or companies of a similar size doing to be sustainable?

What social and environmental impact do we have?

What processes can we streamline?

How can we become environmentally minded?

How do we communicate this way of thinking?

What do you want the outcome to be?

Then when you have considered these questions you can begin the integration. Create an action plan and give yourself targets that you want to meet with a timescale that you want to meet them by.


Conduct Digital Interviews

It may be worth considering if you could change the way you interview potential candidates by making use of digital technology.

Instead of arranging an initial face to face interview conduct them using video. You can still meet your candidate visually and analyse important aspects like professionalism, mannerisms and behaviour without the need to be in person. This could save you time and make your candidates happy by not having to travel the distance to see you.

After this initial stage is complete you can then make a more informed decision whether the potential candidate is what you’re looking for. If you decide they are suitable, you can then go onto invite them for a face to face meeting rather than meeting candidates initially face to face who you later decide are no longer suitable.



Introduce your environmental strategy when on-boarding new staff. Training helps workers to understand their responsibility to work in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way. If you introduce ‘green’ training from the get-go your employees’ can gain the right skills, knowledge, and attitude towards being Eco-friendly and therefore help you reach your goals towards sustainability.

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