It’s uncertain the level of disruption yet to be caused by the Coronavirus, but it’s clear that’s it’s already beginning to have an impact on the economy.

With the numbers on the rise, HR teams need to be pro-active as the government warns a fifth of the workforce could be off sick.

Although employers should keep calm and business moving smoothly, HR departments need to have a plan in place for if the outbreak gets progressively worse.

People Management and the CIPD asked more than 640 HR professionals what their plans are and according to the poll, a third of employers still don’t have a plan in place to minimise business impact.

Unfortunately, even in a pandemic business still needs to function especially for those working in the middle of the chaos like the health and social care sector.

Before remote working is in place, the office environment should be adjusted to prevent the spread of the virus amongst employees and a business plan put in place to prevent disruption to business.

So, what tools do recruiters need to successfully work from home? We’ve created a checklist.

1. Laptop, PC or Tablet

An available laptop or PC is essential for a recruiter. With a travel ban and remote working insight, companies need to make use of the technology they have available and consider if it’s enough to cover the impact.

2. Internet Connection

A Laptop/PC these days is pretty useless without an internet connection. Recruiters need to make sure they have an internet connection available at home and one that is sufficient enough for the level of work needed to be done day to day.

3. Remote Access to Your PC at Work

If you have a PC and not a laptop at work, you will need remote access to your work desktop. A solution like Team Viewer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere.

4. Cloud Software

Cloud-based recruitment systems can be accessed anywhere with a phone, tablet or browser. Having this software in place can allow you to have full control over the whole recruitment process. Not matter where you are, everything within the system is continuously saved and backed up online.

5. Data Stick

If you don’t have a cloud-based system available, it may be worth having a memory stick handy to save and back up important documents.

6. Messaging Platforms

Stay active on work channels. Online messaging platforms like Skype can be used by recruiters to have daily communication with colleagues outside of the office.

7. Online Video Interviewing Technology

You can interview candidates online with Skype, WhatsApp or professional Video Interviewing technology. There’s no need to be in person, but you still get all the benefits as if you were meeting someone face to face.

8. Pre-screening

Having measures in place to pre-screen applicants can reduce the need to converse with unsuitable candidates. This gives you the ability to focus your time and resources only on those who meet all the requirements.

9. Pad & Pen

You might want to switch up the keyboard for good old-fashioned pen and paper, so make sure you have some handy.

10. Coffee

And finally, coffee. Make sure you have an endless supply of coffee to get you through the days!