Adding Video to Your Hiring Strategy

Video has taken the recruitment industry by storm not only because we realised it is far more engaging than any other material, but because it can actually help us in attaining our recruitment goals.

From attracting candidates to recruiting them, here is exactly where your hiring strategy should include video:



Video interviewing is an obvious one and one that we have all seen the benefit of in 2020 as it holds permanent residence in our hiring strategy. It provides us with the same if not more capabilities than our traditional interviewing methods with enhanced shortlisting capabilities thanks to the likes of AI while still being cheaper and more time-efficient to implement. According to our Video Interviewing partner Shortlister, 86% of companies are using virtual interviewing in their recruitment process due to Covid-19, something which would not have been possible without video capabilities.



Job ads can often be dull, boring and repetitive, but what makes one stand out is the use of video. This makes your effort to connect with candidates all the more effective, especially as they are also shown to rank your job ads much higher.  In fact, Career Builder found that job postings with videos are viewed 12% more than postings without video and have a 34% greater application rate. The video could feature your hiring manager or even your employees, helping to put a face to your recruitment brand and allow you to make a more humanised connection with talent.



Your marketing strategy should always feature video, and a recruitment strategy should be no different. Videos allow you to reach bigger audiences and truly showcase your corporate culture. In particular, your careers website is one of the most important places to have it, especially as according to Slice, 88% of users will spend more time on a website that has video content. And with your career’s website acting as your hiring hub, it is imperative to keep them engaged there. To do so, this content needs to be informative yet meaningful, making use of your current workforce to provide a testimonial to your employment brand.



You may have used video in your talent attraction strategies and during the main recruitment process, but it can also be a great tool to utilise during the onboarding process. This is the crucial period in which you convert that candidate into an employee. And with onboarding having clear benefactors to improving employee retention rates, it is certainly a section that needs to be invested in. Perhaps you could use videos for training purposes? Or even for team activities and office tours? The possibilities are endless.


So, if you want to gain a competitive edge, contact us today to learn how we can help you effectively incorporate the use of video into your hiring processes.


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