video in your recruitment strategy

Video could be the answer to all your prayers, especially if your strategies are not delivering the results they should be.

This handy form of content provides a whole host of benefits not only for marketers but for recruitment teams alike. 

Whether you want to improve your candidate attraction strategy or effectively onboard new employees, video is a cost-effective way to take your hiring process to the next level.


Improves Engagement

Video has grown in importance as it has rapidly become one of the best tools for engagement. According to Smart Insights, in 2021, people are expected to spend around a 100 minutes a day watching online videos. A 19% rise compared to 2019. In fact, social videos are said to get 12 times more shares than text and images combined. It is also proven to keep candidates on your careers page longer, which is crucial if we want to utilise our career website as our hiring hub.


Produces Higher Application Rates

Job adverts with video gain a 34% greater application rate. While those without, are viewed 12% less according to Career Builder. This is because it is far more engaging than our typical, repetitive job advertisements, which may similarly align with our competitors. Instead, video helps you stand out by providing a new way to connect with candidates. Videos are also shown to rank much higher, therefore helping you to reach bigger audiences.


Showcases Corporate Culture

Video can be far more impactful and memorable than the written word, so just by saying your business is a great place to work does not mean it is enough for candidates to think it. Candidates need to see it, and video is one of the best ways to do it. By putting faces to the name, predominantly your employees, will make your efforts far more trustworthy. For example, a ‘meet the team’ video or office tour provides potential candidates with an appealing preview of life at your company, helping them to decide whether it is suitable for them. This ensures that the candidates that apply are more likely to be of a cultural fit. 


Improves Candidate Experience

As the world becomes more digitalised, we begin finding ourselves having more conversations with automated bots than human beings. And although technology is needed (speaking as a technology provider ourselves), it can take away from the personal experience so crucial to recruitment if not used efficiently. But this is where video can help. Instead of candidates going through a whole application process with no personal interaction, video content can be there to provide it. Whether that is in your job openings, through employee testimonials or on the homepage of your career’s website. It could even be used as a step-by-step guide through the application process, or as a thank you message when an application has been submitted. Consider if this is the level of personal interaction your candidates are craving. 


Is Multi-purposeful

Video can be multi-purposeful. It can be used for internal employee messages, as part of your candidate attraction strategy, to interview, or onboard candidates therefore resourceful at most, if not all, stages of the recruitment process. Not only can it be used at various stages, but it can also have a completely different messaging each time. Some videos may be used to inform, educate, or provoke a conversation while others, may be used simply as a part of your long-term marketing strategy. And once created, they can be used multiple times until felt they should be updated, making them time and cost-efficient to utilise.


Easier to Consume

There is more content available than ever, but our attention span is becoming less. Some say this is now at eight seconds, so even less than a goldfish! But out of every form of media, video shines through. According to Smart Insights in 2019, 66% of video advertising was 30 seconds long, 10% more than the year before. This suggests that although our attention span may be getting less, we still find video easy to consume, whether it is 10 or 30 seconds long. So, if there is something you want your audience to hear, video is one of the best ways to get them to listen.


Cost-Effective & Easy to Implement

The good news is this form of content does not have to be expensive, nor hard to implement. So, a small budget or lack of experience should not put you off. There are lots of free/inexpensive resources available to help you but remember, you also have one of the best resources quite literally at your fingertips. Your employees! Get them involved. Employees will feel valued and appreciated, and candidates will be given the opportunity to see it. The pandemic has already proven that video interviewing can reduce time to hire, but with, social videos far more shareable than any other form of content, perhaps it provides the opportunity to reduce your sourcing strategies too?

So, if you want to improve your recruitment strategies, attract more candidates, and potentially reduce your time and cost to hire, consider implementing some video content.


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