Learning Management System (LMS)

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Yet another technology acronym, LMS stands for Learning Management System. A Learning Management System is used to organise, train and develop team members within an organisation. It helps the Management and Training departments keep track of:

  • Who has completed Mandatory & Non Mandatory Training
  • Where Employees are in their training and development journey
  • Who is interested in developing their skills utilising other training available
  • When an employee is due to complete mandatory/refresher training


Who Can Use An LMS?

Any business can utilise an LMS no matter what size or industry. A good one will enable you to:

  • Design and create unique Learning Pathways
  • Design and Create unique modules to complete within Pathways
  • Design and create unique learning content including but not limited to online learning forms, videos and other media
  • Create and invite employees to events based on their learning pathways and modules
  • Create communications unique to your organisation
  • Manage and set rules and reminders to ensure everyone knows where they are with learning and what needs to be done to get employees to where they need to be.


How will an LMS work for Me?

Your LMS should be able to integrate directly with your Recruitment and On-Boarding Platform or act as a stand-alone solution. As soon as an applicant becomes an employee. Their record should be created in the system for your team to add pathways and the employee will have access to their own portal. This increases your employee engagement by providing instant access to a dedicated area for your employees to be able to learn and grow.


Designed for Clients By Clients

Our LMS has been designed directly with our existing clients to ensure we meet the needs of all stakeholders who need to utilise the LMS and remain compliant. Taking account of the employers and employees needs and experience has resulted in an all-round solution which meets and exceeds these needs.

Recruitive LMS

Employee benefits

When an organisation utilises an LMS, the employee benefits in multiple ways.

They can:

  • Take ownership and drive their learning
  • Access Online course material and study when it suits them
  • Make their employer aware that they are keen to learn new skills
  • Keep track of their mandatory training


Employer Benefits

Using an LMS has multiple benefits to the employer. Being able to keep track of mandatory training means audits around these areas are no longer a concern. It will also increase employee engagement by providing an engaging platform to plan and visualise their individual learning.

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