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Recruitment software is your right arm in recruitment, assisting you at every stage, from the open vacancy to the moment the candidate is welcomed onboard.

Recruitment solutions aim to enhance efficiency and save money on your recruitment, in particular, the assistance of recruitment software. There is a multitude of tasks it can help with, but these are the main few:


Applicant Tracking

An applicant tracking system does just that, tracks applicants, allowing you to track all correspondence from jobs boards and your careers website. In just one place you can respond and fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. From the stage of requisition to the import of employee details, applicant tracking creates a seamless recruitment process to the reward of stakeholders such as hiring managers and candidates.


Interview Scheduling

Scheduling one interview may be a simple task, scheduling multiple, not so much. Interview scheduling is a tool that is used to help automate one of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks in recruitment. Enabling you to schedule, communicate, track and plan your interviews, second interviews and final meetings with a useful integration of your online calendars to make it seamless.


Communicating With Candidates

When the talent market becomes competitive, it’s important to be on the ball when communicating with candidates to ensure your competitors don’t get there first. But, communicating with each candidate at every stage of the process can be a days work within its self. That’s why recruitment software solutions are built to automate the task for you. You can communicate with candidates through the software via email and SMS, with the option to automate responses whether a candidate is welcomed for an interview, or rejected.


Video Interviewing

Needless to say, this tool has grown in importance over the last few months. Many businesses would agree it’s essential for a Video Interviewing Tool to be a part of your recruitment solutions as Digitalised Recruitment has been our only way to successfully recruit remotely. Using this software to initially recruit saves both the recruiter and candidate time, while still providing enough of a personalised experience to progress to the next stage in confidence.


Shortlisting Candidates

Having sourced your candidates and received applicants, the next stage is to decide their fate. Again, a lengthy task if done manually. Recruitment Software assists by doing the hard work for you while still giving you control to decide on the final action. Recruitment Software will automatically shortlist the most suitable candidates and categories the ones who are not, depending on whether they meet the requirements that you’ve set. Before making a final decision, candidates who have been deemed unsuitable are still in an accessible pool to be utilised.


Talent Pool

Recruitment software allows you to build up your very own pool of talent. A database which is secure, GDPR compliant and in an accessible place for you to access whenever you need it. Using your network to recruit in the future can considerably reduce the cost and time to hire by hiring more competitively. Recruitment software allows you to categorise your pool and continue to nurture relationships with candidates, should you want to contact them in the future.



Within the system, users can post to multiple job boards and social media sites as well as your own careers site in an instant. Adding any job boards, including registrations with free to post job boards or through purchased jobs board credits done on your behalf at a reduced rate. Recruitment software allows you to do all this within the one system, along with the rest of your recruitment, without going through multiple third-party websites.



Recruitment Software is also built to bridge the gap from candidate to employee. It provides a positive experience for onboarding new recruits by helping to smoothly and successfully support in this transition. Using either your own Onboarding documents or a bespoke creation, the system can manage how and when they need to be sent, completed, managed and tracked through a checklist process.

And it can support with so much more…

If you’d like further information on our recruitment solutions don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our recruitment software has been bespokely built and optimised for years to meet the new needs of our clients. Wondering if there’s something we could do for you? Contact us today


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