AI The Future Of Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of recruitment, automating tasks like parsing CV’s and evaluating interviews.

Many businesses in this digital age now find themselves with an extensive pool of CV’s, possibly for roles they need to fill but are not ready to interview for, so artificial intelligence technology is proving vital to modernise their day to day hiring practices.

According to Ideal, 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is finding the best candidates from a large applicant pool, a task that will get harder for every job opening.

But AI can be used to automate some of the recruitment process saving businesses a lot of time, money and undoubtedly changing the industry even more in the future.

This technology can assist in screening lots of applicants and provide a sense of objectivity in the hiring process such as scoring candidates and searching for specific skills and attributes.

Job seekers can benefit too. The deployment of AI-powered chat bots to increase engagement and the overall experience can help engage candidates directly, just like you would expect a customer experience. In doing so, it gives them direct answers and stimulates engagement, so they don’t just leave the hiring website.

AI can also help candidates feel like they were seriously evaluated for the job by giving specific feedback to those who do not get an interview. If there is an AI system that considers everybody, whether that’s a polite rejection email sent 48 hours later, or an invitation to interview, that’s a positive.

AI will be used more now and in the future for hiring, as greater numbers of candidates enter the job market in the coming months. Some industries are striving to hire many workers quickly such as healthcare and logistics, and most businesses will see spikes in candidates. AI’s ability to parse through large numbers of CV’s and applications makes it an excellent solution for batch hiring and for quickly identifying the most qualified candidates for individual jobs.

When businesses are ready to interview again AI will be there to help, possibly even at a higher level than before. Many organisations are beginning to use AI-driven systems to evaluate candidates’ facial movements, body language, voice, and word choice during video interviews. This data will then be used to give each candidate an ’employability’ score, making the decision even clearer cut for recruiters.


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