Using The Same Strategies To Retain Employees and Attract Candidates

Almost half of HR professionals say enhanced employee engagement is their top HR priority as it continues to big one of the biggest challenges faced when attracting and retaining staff.


Some companies struggle attracting any candidates at all, some receive lots but struggle to keep them onboard, two understandable issues for most.

What is forgotten is that retaining staff can actually help to attract them, so separate strategies are not necessarily needed for both and there is plenty of research to back this.

One to mention is Glassdoor’s 2019 Mission & Culture Survey, which revealed that company culture is more important than salary when it comes to job satisfaction and a big factor when accepting job offers.

After all, many businesses use their staff turnover rate as a key performance indicator (KPI) of their internal strategies, so it is clearly a concerning issue for many.

Employers are now starting to realise that a strong employee engagement strategy can produce results when investing in better internal comms and recruitment.

As the delivery of enhanced employee engagement will help businesses improve productivity, reduce employee turnover, and attract top talent.

Attracting the right candidate will start by having an attractive careers area on your website with good quality content and candidate friendly portals.

Using an Onboarding Software can also help by converting your applicants to employees quicker, another essential part of the recruitment process. Remember that having the correct documentation is just as important as being able to send it quickly and efficiently.

To improve your employee engagement strategy, take onboard employees’ ideas, needs, and take into account their suggestions. Not only will it improve overall satisfaction levels by listening to their concerns but also by delivering them.

Try introducing an employee referral scheme. Happy employees should be more than happy to share their connections, connections which will be much more valuable when the information has come from a trustworthy source.

Do you have a reward scheme and are employees satisfied with it? Reward schemes not only engage employees by providing an incentive to work, but also reflects a positive culture to potential candidates.

Consider what flexibility you can offer? Lots of organisations are beginning to offer job sharing, part-time jobs, remote working, affordable childcare, paid family leave, and flexible start and end times which not only makes staff work-life balance easier, resulting in better productivity, but also makes for a more attractive employer.

And all of these methods can be adapted to work for the individual company in some way, shape or form.

Although it is often seen as two separate issues attracting candidates and retaining them, we hope these few points prove that in fact you can combat both issues with the same strategies, and although an Applicant Tracking System can be hugely beneficial to recruit, it will make it even easier if you have a lower employee churn in the first place.


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