Candidate Portal

Enhance candidate engagement, reduce candidate drop off while minimising cost and time per hire with a candidate portal.

Increase Candidate Engagement

The candidate portal is one of Recruitives newest ATS features which allows a candidate to track their journey through the hiring and on-boarding processes.

This feature is fully integrated within the main recruitment solution via your website with brand integrity and protection throughout.

The user-friendly system enables a candidate to register/login, complete applications, track application status, receive updates, upload and electronically sign relevant documentation, build and update their profile all in one place.


Recruitive Software Candidate Management Portal




Application Tracking

Candidates can view in real-time the progression of their application on the portal dashboard. Application progression options are available for the client to manage through the main ATS system.

Mobile Responsive

The candidate portal is built to be mobile compatible on all devices.

Fully Branded and White Labelled To The client

Your branding is maintained throughout the candidate portal to adhere to your organisation’s marketing guideline.


The portal is hosted on your unique domain.

SSL Certificate

The portal has an SSL certificate that verifies it as a secure and authentic platform to use.


The candidate portal opens to a user-friendly dashboard for the candidate to navigate to their desired location.

Jobs – Applied and Live Job Listings

Candidates can view submitted applications and search the clients’ Live Jobs.

Job Alerts

Candidates can set up to receive job alerts from the client’s website postings.

Upload Documentation

You can request relevant documentation to be uploaded by the candidate through the main ATS.

Email Centre

The candidate can compose, review and reply to emails in the email centre. Automated emails can be generated to be sent to candidates.

About Us Section

You can feature a company video on the dashboard as well as other relevant information and documentation under headers within the About Us section.

Candidate Profile

Candidates can complete and update their profile with relevant personal information.


Recruitive Software Candidate Management Portal


Additional Features:

Online Numeracy & Literacy Tests
Create Login’s Through Social Media


We work with our clients to create an environment suited to their needs, providing a system which is simple to use but has all the functionality they require.

We also supply a range of additional aftercare services with the launch of all our products. Find out more here.

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Designed for HR, Recruitment Teams and Hiring Managers whilst significantly enhancing the candidate journey.

A white labelled solution in your own branding, tailored to your exact requirements, and designed to…


  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Enhance the candidate journey

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