Improving work culture

Particularly in the last few months, it has become clear the importance of healthy work culture.

It is extremely valued by employees as it works towards their wellbeing and happiness but, it can also be extremely valuable for business too.

Not only does it work hand in hand with your employment brand, but employees with a good work culture are more productive and likely to deliver results and who does not want that?

If you need to rethink your corporate culture, here are the main areas to get started with;



Start by giving you employees some recognition. Employees simply want to know that you are appreciative of their hard work. They should be made to feel like they are the last part of the puzzle, after all, no puzzle can be completed without them. Yes, employee of the month and staff bonuses can work great, but often, a simple 1-1, or a thank you can go a long way.


Showcase Your Values

Have dedicated values in place and show your employees how they are expected to incorporate them. This should be done at the very start of the onboarding process and continuously throughout their journey. Be creative, whether that’s in a video, interactive game or during a team activity. Just stating them on your website or in a handbook is not very engaging or meaningful.


Measure Employee Engagement

To best measure employee engagement, you have to find out how they feel, and the best way to do this is through regular communication channels. Have regular 1-1’s, team catch-ups, an anonymous survey or a feedback box. All can prove useful in finding out where you need to improve.



Give back to your employees by offering flexibility. Whether that is by allowing them to dedicate half a day to learn a new skill, take on a new responsibility or by being flexible with their working hours. Flexibility can come in many forms. The relationship between employer and employees should be balanced. When they give to you, make sure you give back.


The aim of the game is to give your employees a positive sense of direction, but remember, work culture is not a one-time fix, these values need to be an ongoing commitment.


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