a good onboarding programme

Great! You have found the perfect hire, and they have accepted your offer, but the hard work does not stop there.

Now is the time to begin the transition from candidate to employee. A crucial period to provide candidates with all the information they need, get those contracts legally secured and teach them your way of working.

But, why is this part of the process just as important as the rest? This is where candidates either become engaged or disengaged.

Onboarding plays a crucial part in securing those retention rates as without, you may find yourself losing your new hires later on, or not quite getting the desired results from your recruit.

In fact, an effective onboarding process is said to increase employee retention by 25%!

After all, this period is where your new hire will make crucial judgments about the company, deciding whether or not they see a future with you, with some giving it the test of time, while others jump at the first hurdle.

That is why an official onboarding programme is needed to guide them step by step through the whole process.

A programme that is not based on a specific age range or seniority, one that is in place for all those you decide to take on board.

Not only to give them their necessary training, but also through communicating the smallest of details like where to park on the first day, or who their team members will be.

The main aim? To set them up for success.

Recruitment can already be a costly process for businesses, so to pay those costs again and waste the time that has already been committed, is simply not worth the risk. Especially, when those costs could have been avoided simply by having an onboarding programme in place.

And yes, time will be needed for the initial implementation, but once an efficient programme is in place, this can be used for all future hires, and only needed to be adapted dependant on the changing needs of the business or to cater to particular roles.

To support these processes, onboarding software can be used to streamline the administrative tasks, working to the benefit of the recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate.

No more lost documents or continuously chasing for that signature. Both the candidates and hiring managers can see the tasks to be completed through their very own portal.

But, although this technology is there to assist in these mundane tasks, organisations still need to understand the importance of personal interaction, something which is important, not only to secure that candidate in the first place but to elevate their onboarding experience thereafter.

If you need any assistance when creating an onboarding programme, get in touch. Our team are available to review your processes, implement them or supply the software to make them more time and cost-efficient.



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