Recruitive Press Release - Pimlico Plumbers

We have launched Pimlico Plumbers new Cloud-based ATS and Careers Website!

Recruitive are excited to announce our launch with Pimlico Plumbers, a leading independent maintenance and service company based in London.

We touched base with Pimlico Plumbers last October, having been made aware that their current system at the time was ‘clunky’ and proved difficult to cross-reference candidates.

So, on the lookout for a new Applicant Tracking System, Pimlico Plumbers wanted a solution that would give them more visibility over the entire recruitment process.

Their central recruitment team needed multiple user access to manage their entire recruitment end-to-end as their system only took candidates up to the point of offer with a manual onboarding process.

They also needed a system that would support the compliance-heavy process that comes with recruiting engineers, with Right to Work checks, DVLA checks and the collection of essential documents a necessity. 

Now having our system in place, we are glad to say that Pimlico Plumbers no longer has to rely on Onboarding Spreadsheets and can go on to adjust their internal staffing structure to meet new business needs.

And although they were originally interested in our cloud-based ATS, it was the fact that we could also design and support their careers pages that attracted them to us.

We knew we could greatly improve their careers website to house their jobs, apprenticeships, and work experience opportunities in a mobile optimised, GDPR compliant, secure, and candidate friendly format.

All while keeping the aesthetics of their main corporate website to continue to enhance The Pimlico Group Brand.

This website also links directly to their white-labelled ATS, where they can post vacancies on their careers website and the major jobs boards.

Jobs that are automatically submitted to Google to show at the very top of a relevant jobs search with Google for Jobs integration.

Following the launch, we ensured the site is search engine optimised and submitted it to Google Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager, which we will use to carry out quarterly SEO reviews.

Take a look at Pimlico Plumbers new careers website here.


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