Recruitment Market Challenges

2020 has changed the recruitment landscape considerably.

What once was a market challenged by skill shortage, is now challenged by an unemployment upsurge.

So, how can our technology help in adapting and combating these new sector challenges?


Influx in Applicants

Our technology can not only help in sourcing candidates but managing a high volume when you receive it. And as unemployment figures rise, many businesses are certainly seeing this trend. Our ATS will allow you to manage and store this influx in one place. It will automatically rank, and filter candidates based on the requirements you have set, making the shortlisting process much easier. But candidates are never deleted, they are all stored in a separate pool should you want to utilise them further down the line.


Remote Hiring and Onboarding

With a lot of us still working remotely, and many businesses facing the need to recruit, our traditional close contact recruiting methods are still not suitable. This is another area in which our software can help. Whether you are at the start of the hiring process and need to contact them through email and SMS, set up video interviews or remotely onboard them once hired, it can be done from within the system. So, all stakeholders still have their needs met, the recruiter, the hiring manager, and importantly the candidate.


Budget Cuts

Most businesses are trying to save money at all corners, and with recruitment often pulling up a hefty bill, it is an area that has seen budget cuts. But even with these cuts, organisations have now realised the importance of digitalising their processes with technology. And although this initial investment may seem daunting at first, with the upfront costs and the initial implementation period, actually by helping to streamline your hiring process, our ATS will assist in saving money on both your short- and long-term recruitment costs.


The Need to Hire Faster

Although, the pace of the market has slowed considerably, when the need to hire is there, the pressure to do so as efficiently as possible is greater. But, without technology, these odds are less. This is where our technology comes in handy by cutting down long-winded but essential administrative tasks. There is no need to use multiple platforms to fulfil your recruitment process. It is either within the system, can be built within the system or can be integrated. And with this saving in time, recruiters are now provided with the opportunity to rehumanise the recruitment process and scale up the candidate experience.

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