How to manage a flood of applicants

As the market has drastically shifted, many companies are currently dealing with an influx in applicants as application rates soar 106% higher than last year.

This can often be hard to manage, especially when you have a lack of time, resources, and technology in place to support you. 

So, what can we do to quickly resolve this issue?

Recently, we acquired a new part of the business, Career Kinetics, which aims to solve these issues through bespoke managed recruitment solutions.

Career Kinetics becomes your new recruitment partner picking up the areas of your recruitment process that need more attention.

Using our advanced technologies, the team can fully take over your communications with applicants, filter, rank, shortlist, interview and upload over 3,000 CV’s per hour into your management system. Something which you can access at any time and make multiple hires from because you own the data!

No more recruitment or placement fees to outsource your recruitment.

The aim? To ensure that volume is no longer a problem. 

If you have the right technology and resources, your recruitment can be effectively managed with candidate experience and your employment brand still intact.

So, with that in mind, here are some of our quick tips to manage higher quantities.


Use Communication Tools

Use tools like bulk messaging systemscalendar schedulers like Calendly, interview scheduling tools and SMS messaging. Using this functionality enables you to keep in contact with all candidates. Important, if you want to nurture your relationship with them. After all, if you engage with them, they are more likely to engage with you. A good ATS should provide the functionality to be able to do all this from within the system.


Be Transparent with Candidates

It is clear that an ATS makes the communication between candidates much easier to maintain. But regardless of whether you have this technology in place to liaise, you still need to be honest with candidates throughout their journey with you. Tell them if you are currently processing applications slower than usual, tell them if they were unsuccessful, tell them if you are not hiring now but you might in a few months. Honesty is always the best policy! Without it, you could seriously damage your recruitment brand if it becomes clear your lack of organisation and commitment to the process.


Utilise Talent Pools

If you have not done so already, begin to create talent pools. Again, a cloud ATS can also be extremely useful for this. It manages your applicants data in a secure, GDPR Compliant, multi-functional platform. Not only will this make your recruitment a lot easier now, but it will also work in future-proof your methods, supplying you with talent to be utilised further down the line. You can categorise them however you deem fit, whether that’s based, on their location, their skill set, or how they did in their previous application.


Optimise Your Processes

This is the time to rethink your processes. Remember, the market has changed, so your processes are no longer sufficiently optimised. To ensure you get the best results, look at all areas of your recruitment process. This again is another area we can assist you with. For example, is your application process sufficient? Is it too long? Does it help you shortlist? Does it filter out those unsuitable? Get some structured pre-screening questions in place and make use of video tools to filter out unsuitable applicants quicker.


Get All Stakeholders Involved

There are multiple stakeholders in the recruitment process which can be utilised. What is great about our Applicant Tracking System is it allows you to liaise with all involved to make sure tasks get completed and decisions made sooner. For example, you may want to get your hiring managers more involved in the shortlisting process, and they can. The system allows you to control who gets permissions. If you re-think your responsibilities, you may be able to manage the influx better and reduce your time to hire.


Outsource Your Recruitment

And of course, an obvious one is to outsource your recruitment, but we understand this is not always an option for everyone. Despite not having sufficient resources inhouse, outsourcing your recruitment is not always viable with the nasty agency fees it can return. However, if you decide to use one of our recruitment packages, you get the level of support and control you desire when and where you want it for just one flat fee. You get your desired solution, and you are no longer bombarded with placement or agency fees.

If there’s an area of your recruitment you need assistance with or you would simply want some further advice, feel free to contact us.


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