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How Can Social Media Be Used In Recruitment?

It Can Be Used To:

  • Create Awareness of your organisation
  • Enhance your employer brand
  • Demonstrate your corporate culture
  • Provide useful information to potential applicants
  • Advertise your roles – FOR FREE


Why Use Social Media In Recruitment?

It Is Free

It’s an excellent way to reach your target demographic without spending a penny.

It Raises Awareness

You are not only creating awareness within your network but also within the network of your network.  The reach on social media cannot be matched by any other form of media.

It Can Sell Your Organisation

Using your careers social media to demonstrate your organisation’s culture and day to day operations is an excellent way to attract applicants by sharing what it is like to work for you.

It Works

It clearly works, as some recruiters purely recruit through LinkedIn and it’s understandable. People use social media as a part of their day to day lives not just socially, but for other aspects of life, including looking for new job opportunities.


How Should I Use Social Media In Recruitment? The Do’s & Don’ts


Have Social Media Dedicated To Careers

The message you are conveying on your careers social media to potential applicants is different from the message you share with your potential clients on your corporate social media.  First things first, create careers dedicated social media accounts.

Use Appropriate Channels

There are multiple channels out there, not all of them may be relevant to your target demographic.  Do your research and know where to dedicate your time. But remember, each social network translates content differently, so what may work for one won’t necessarily work on others.

Keep It Interesting

Ensure your social media is regularly updated with different content.  As well as your ATS or multi-poster automatically sharing your jobs on social media regularly also post the below:

  • Staff events and initiatives
  • Video/case study content from existing staff – ‘A day in the life of’.
  • Industry related articles
  • Relevant content for your target audience

Engage and Network

Continuously expand your network by joining relevant groups and pages. Be pro-active and start the conversation, don’t relying on people to come to you. Tell them about the company, the benefits, and the potential opportunities that lie within the company.

Involve Your Employees

Every employee has their own network, so encourage them to share openings and positively promote your brand on their profiles. Employees who talk about their experiences will encourage potential candidates to consider you. After all, research shows that workplace culture is higher in importance than salary when looking for a new role.

Use Insights

Most, if not all social networks provide you with key insights on how your audience is interacting with your page for FREE, so make use of them. Use this data to influence your content to create better engagement.



Post All of Your Jobs

If you just constantly post your jobs, followers will get bored of seeing the same content.  Keep it interesting and share multi-media content.

Share Personal Views and Opinions

Unlike your personal social media, a careers profile is not the place to share personal or company views on issues.

Rely On Robotic Posts

Although it’s useful to use a scheduler, don’t rely too heavily on this. Make sure the content you are posting has a human touch and doesn’t come across robotic.


To Summarise


  • Have dedicated social media for careers
  • Use the appropriate channels
  • Keep it interesting
  • Engage and Network
  • Involved Your Employees
  • Use Insights


  • Post all of your jobs
  • Share personal views and opinions
  • Don’t rely on robotic posts


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