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Whether you’re designing your application process from scratch or simply revising your current process, there are a few key things to keep in mind if you want to increase candidate response.



An applicant is taking the time to show an interest in working for you. Be grateful for this and don’t expect them to spend extensive amounts of time completing the initial application process. The ideal time for an applicant to spend initially applying is 5 – 8 minutes maximum. In a Hays 2018 report, 71% of applicants said they would abandon an application process if it took more than 15 minutes. 40% of employers then admitted that theirs went beyond this time. And that was in 2018, as the use of digital technology increases, attention span decreases, so don’t risk losing out on top talent. The candidate is likely to be applying for multiple roles at a time so make it as easy as possible. If there’s more information you require that’s not essential for the initial shortlisting, ask it at a later date.



Each role is unique; therefore, each application process should be. For example, if you are hiring a forklift truck driver for a warehouse, a forklift license is unique to the role and you need to ask about this.  But when you are hiring for a production operative, they don’t need a license so you wouldn’t ask the question.  Make sure the questions are unique to the roles and provide you with the information you require. This brings us onto the next point.



Make sure the unique application process is relevant to the role.  The process should involve collecting information from the applicant that is relevant to making your initial shortlisting decision, making sure the applicant understands why they are being asked the questions. For example, you don’t need to know a candidates NI insurance number until you decide to hire them, so don’t ask for it in the initial application process.


User Experience

You must ensure your application has a good user experience. Your application process being mobile optimised goes without saying.  The process should also be easy to navigate to make the applicant want to come back later. Having a portal for them to log in and out of is ideal. A lot of candidates like the option to complete part of an application process later if they need to. A portal will allow them to upload important documents, see their progress and complete any outstanding tasks in one place. Making the application process as smooth as possible.


First Impressions

First impressions count and the application process is the first impression of your organisation so make it a good one! Make sure it’s efficient and effective as it’s the first chance to showcase your company. Make them feel connected to your organisation from the start. This will entice them to stay in touch should they be unsuccessful initially but suitable for other roles in the future.


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