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A Sourcing Strategy that identifies and attracts the right candidates for your organisation.

You may have the resources available, but if you do not have an efficient sourcing strategy in place, the likelihood of those resources being used pro-actively to return quality talent is slim.

When you have a sufficient sourcing strategy in place, then you can achieve your organisations long-term hiring goals and attain the right talent.

For starters, the sourcing strategy needs to include a number of outlets that will raise awareness of your roles, including paid and unpaid media, internal promotions and referrals and of course, social media.

So, where do we start when creating a great sourcing strategy?

Step One – Who are you looking for? What do they look like?

  • Qualifications of your ideal applicants
  • Experience of your ideal applicants
  • Career Stage of your ideal applicants


Step Two – Identify Where These Applicants Can Be Found

  • Where are they likely to look for jobs?
  • Where are they likely to communicate with their peers?


Step Three – Create your strategy

Plan how you will reach your target applicants. Advertise that you are looking for people like them in an efficient staged approach:

  • Internal Careers site
  • Careers site
  • Social Media
  • Free Job Boards
  • Paid Job Board

You will also want to consider evaluating your recruitment model and processes, including budgets, as these will have an impact on your sourcing strategy.


Step Four – Execute Your Strategy

Use a good ATS or multi-poster in order to publish your job and reach these applicants in a click of a button then report on the efficiency on those methods to ensure their success.

If you would like help creating a sourcing strategy that works to your requirements, get in touch, Our team have a wealth of knowledge which can help you identify the perfect target demographic, and suggest the best channels to secure the right candidates. 


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