successful recruitment models

We believe there are three areas to a successful recruitment model and Recruitive incorporate all when providing our solutions.

Those three are:

  • Marketing – Attracting the right talent 
  • Technology – Seamlessly managing talent 
  • Recruitment – Providing the recruitment expertise

These three combined result in an efficient and effective recruitment solution for our clients.

So, how do we implement them?



Attracting the right candidate is a balance between having a great looking and engaging careers website with good quality content, whilst also having the very latest, candidate friendly and efficient recruitment technology such as an Applicant Tracking System, multi-job posting tool, and media buying resource.

Our team of expert Recruitment Marketers and Web Designers can design an interactive, secure, engaging and fully mobile optimised careers website for you to attract the best talent. It will utilise the latest recruitment and careers website functionality that has been developed over the past 20 years. After all, your careers website is your very own hiring hub. Once that site is designed, we will also create a full candidate attraction strategy, ensuring you get a high volume of high-quality candidate traffic straight to your website, which gets converted into applicants.

As part of our services, we can also design and build a sourcing strategy using media such as job boards. Our expert team will help identify your target demographic, make recommendations around the best channels to gain reach and purchase media on your behalf at a discounted rate.



You have successfully found the candidates, so now is the time to process them. Our Award-Winning Applicant Tracking Solution is used by Recruitment Teams both in the UK and internationally to seamlessly manage the full end to end recruitment process online. Our online technology is mobile optimised by design and easily accessible from anywhere in the world, through any internet-enabled mobile device. The platform interface has been designed with the end-user always in mind. It keeps all stakeholders involved throughout the recruitment process including candidates, hiring managers and recruiters, from an initial application on your careers website, the interview process and through to onboarding.

At Recruitive, we are experienced at helping clients from an array of Industries, Geographies and sizes achieve success in their recruitment. Each solution is uniquely designed based on a client’s needs and requirements. The science of successful recruitment can be similar, but each organisation will have multiple variables based on size, industry and internal processes that will impact the strategy. Using our unique expertise to understand your business, target demographic and recruitment requirements allows us to work with clients with 200 employees in the care industry, to clients with thousands of employees in the retail industry, and everything in between. Not to mention that our technology is fully customised and white labelled to clients brand requirements.



Recruitment expertise and knowledge is the third core element required to run a successful in-house recruitment operation. Technology alone does not resolve challenges which is why you need expert recruiters or recruitment advise to ensure all three stakeholders in the recruitment process have the right experience. When looking at any business process, it is always good to have an expert independent advisor to review and suggest any suitable changes. Our team have 50 plus years of combined experience working with clients across many industries and locations. They use this expertise to review your process and make any necessary recommendations for potential improvements to ensure a successful recruitment model.

Recruitment knowledge is utilised in the full end to end process, your recruiters need to know how to plan recruitment activities, how to attract candidates, how to write job adverts, how to identify candidate shortlists, the list goes on. You may have an expert in house recruiter who can do all of this. Equally, you may have a recruitment team but want an expert external perspective on how things are working to ensure you are utilising best practises. Utilising Recruitive’s recruitment expertise combined with talent attraction and applicant tracking technology will ensure you have a successful recruitment process end to end.

If you would like to find out how we can provide you with all tools and expertise, you need to run an efficient in-house recruitment model, speak to us at the up and coming In House Recruitment Live event on the 15th September or get in touch today!


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