When the technology is available for the smooth running of a recruitment campaign, why are organisations stuck in the past?

Some people are more ready to accept advancements in technology than others. It’s a simple fact, a tradition that has carried on down through generations since Ned Ludd took out his ire on a couple of stocking frames…it’s a knitting machine. There are grandfathers out there who are still scratching their heads over programming their VCR…it’s a video cassette recorder – they came before DVD players. What? Yes, DVD players, they were those old things we had before you could stream. Kids!

The same applies to businesses around the world. Technology moves at a great pace and new innovations appear at an ever-increasing rate, as one discovery leads to several more. Business owners’ inability to recognise and take advantage of advancements as they become available can lead to them losing out to their competitors, who are more than willing to try new things.

We know, from first-hand experience, there are companies out there that think the spreadsheet is the pinnacle of human technological achievement and rely on them to keep track of applications during a recruitment campaign. Each department head will faithfully record information and then send their spreadsheets to another department at the end of each month so the information can be collated before being presented to the management team.

This is a slow process. While you’re waiting for all this information to be consolidated onto The Master Spreadsheet the candidates, who might have applied for a dozen other job opportunities at the same time as applying for yours, get offers from other employers who have taken advantage of the technology available and streamlined their recruitment process. You may have missed out on a whole crop of talent that could have been of immeasurable benefit to the future of your company.

There are several other “What Ifs” you might want to take into consideration while you’re chewing over that last point:

  • What if your entire system crashes and you lose your spreadsheets?
  • What if someone accidentally deletes it all?
  • What if somebody puts all the information on a thumb drive to take home then loses the thumb drive?
  • What if somebody uses a password to protect it all, has their employment terminated and “forgets” the password?

Okay, so at this point you may be thinking, “what if the sky crashes down, or the sun doesn’t rise in the morning?” But these are all genuine occurrences we have been made aware of. Accidents happen, mistakes are part of what it means to be human, hard drives crash occasionally and company servers aren’t always secure.

You need to ask yourself, what costs more: losing all that information, or installing the leading software available on the market?

Recruitive doesn’t do spreadsheets. We have poured many years of recruitment experience into creating the most advanced Applicant Tracking Software out there, so your recruitment campaign runs smoothly.

  • It allows every stakeholder to know instantly what is going on without having to wait for the monthly great collation
  • It allows communication between department heads, management, HR and keeps the candidate informed at every stage of the project
  • It enables you to create all the necessary documents you might wish for
  • It leads to an easier on-boarding process
  • All information is stored securely in the cloud

It’s 2019 and the world has moved on from the spreadsheet. If the technology is there, why not use it? Recruitive works hard to ensure the technology is there.


Contact Recruitive today and let us help you with every aspect of your organisation’s recruitment.



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