The Candidate Experience
Candidate experience is a top priority for hiring professionals, or at least it should be. After […]
video interviewing tool by Recruitive
As the events of this year further digitalised recruitment and proved our traditional methods outdated, one […]
cost per hire, CPH
What is Cost Per Hire? Cost Per Hire is one of the many KPI metrics we […]
Recruitive Job Posting Offer
Fancy making use of our 2 for 1 job posting offer? During our attendance at the […]
Learning Management System (LMS)
What is a Learning Management System (LMS)? Yet another technology acronym, LMS stands for Learning Management System. A Learning […]
Fake Jobs Recruitment Fraud
Unfortunately, it’s when we see ourselves in more vulnerable circumstances that we fall victim to fraudsters […]
Recruitment Market Challenges
2020 has changed the recruitment landscape considerably. What once was a market challenged by skill shortage, […]
Building and Managing a Talent Pool
Talent Pooling is a pro-active approach to recruitment which sets your hiring strategies up for long […]
Adding Video to Your Hiring Strategy
Video has taken the recruitment industry by storm not only because we realised it is far […]
World Mental Health Day
There are obvious reasons why investing in mental health is important for businesses, especially in the […]