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The New Year is fast approaching, and so there is no better time to reflect and prepare some New Year resolutions.

Even though 2020 may have soon put a halt to many of the year’s original aspirations, we can only hope that 2021 will bring us better fortune.

So, as a recruitment team, what goals should we collectively work towards?


Becoming More Efficient

Improving efficiency will always prove to be a top priority for recruitment teams. Working smarter, not harder, enables us to use the money and time once spent on administrative duties to engage in more meaningful pursuits and one of the key ways to improve efficiency is through digitalisation. This is something which will only become more necessary to stay competitive. But the incorporation of technology will only be successful should it be implemented accordingly. Therefore, we still need to evaluate and report on our methods to ensure it is delivering sufficient results at every opportunity.


Rehumanising The Recruitment Process

As we digitalise, we also need to rehumanise. Automation will improve team efficiency, but it can take away from personalisation. Although candidates, like the Gen Z, are more attractive to employers who embrace technology, they also appreciate when this resource is used to focus efforts on the candidate experience. Instead of using technology to become lazy, we should use it as an opportunity to home in on the important endeavours which may have been previously been neglected.


Preventing Unconscious Bias

Preventing unconscious bias is among the many resolutions employers have been working towards in 2020, and it will prove its importance again in 2021. Although we may initially focus our efforts on particular groups such as age, race, disability etc, unconscious bias can even come down to simple variants such as a particular use of language, clothing colour choice or behavioural adversities. And although it is natural as human begins that we may sway towards those who share similar experiences, opinions and qualities, we have realised how impactful this can be towards our overall workforce, and therefore it is something employers need to begin revising if they hadn’t already.


Becoming More Collaborative

We know that teamwork makes the dream work, but unfortunately, this is another area in which many recruitment teams’ downfall on despite the rewarding benefits that it can provide. By being more collaborative in our hiring approach we can process candidates quicker, make cheaper hires, improve the candidate experience, create a more diverse workforce, uncover blind spots, and work collectively towards reducing unconscious bias. You can do this not only through a better communication system between hiring managers and recruiters but also by involving your employees in the process too.


Focusing on Recruitment Marketing

Having a sufficient recruitment marketing strategy is one of the resolutions you ought to consider. Recruitment is no longer a short-term process; it is an all-year-round job even when you’re not recruiting. This is because not only do we need to preserve our relationships with unsuccessful talent and those within our talent pool, but we also need to work to build a brand image which in time entices candidates to you regardless of whether or not you have an active recruitment campaign.

We hope these ideas provide some perspective on the year to come, and on behalf of the team here at Recruitive, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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