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Naturally, you don’t always think to include your employees in the process to recruit new hires, but we’re here to tell you that it’s a proposition you may want to consider.

This blog talks about some of the various ways to get them involved and the many benefits of doing so.



Referrals. This is not a surprising one, but it is one that is not used enough despite the reap of benefits it can provide. By providing incentives for referrals, you can motivate your employees to assist in bringing in the best talent. If you do not utilise a referral scheme, then there is a good chance that there is a pool of talent sitting right in front of you, filled with potential, cheap hires which you are not utilising. Not only can these hires be better quality, but they are also quicker, cost-efficient and more likely to be retained.


Utilise Their Network

Utilise your employees and their network. Each employee has a network which can be utilised in some way to benefit the business, not only through referrals but as general brand ambassadors for the company. Get them involved in initiatives that they would happily promote externally through their own channels. Get them to share your jobs on social media with their connections, helping to further the reach of your job ads.


The Selection Process

During the selection process, there are various aspects of a candidate’s application that needs to be considered. There resume, cover letter, and application form is used to ensure they have the potential to fill the position. But, not only do your hires need to be perfect on paper, but they also need to be perfect for the team and who better to provide that answer than your employees. An important judgment to consider if they are the ones who are going to be working closely with them. It’s also more likely that those hires will succeed, as an employee who picks a candidate will be much more committed to see them do well.


Video Testimonials

To include an employee in the selection of every hire means a lot of employee time, time which would normally be invested in their day to day role. So, for businesses who are frequently hiring, it would not be efficient or practical to do so. However, there are much quicker and affordable ways to get them involved which can be just as effective. Video testimonials bridge the candidate and employee communication gap and can be used at various parts of the recruitment stage, whether that is within the job description or onboarding process. The beauty of this resource is that you’d only need to invest time initially to produce them, then they can continue to be used costing no extra time or money until you decided to update them again. Wherever you decide to utilise them in the recruitment process, a video testimonial is a perfect opportunity for employees to sell the company. A trustworthy source of information which can provide candidates with a clear, visual and honest representation of what it’s like to work for you.



Along with a video testimonial, simple, traditional introductions are also a great way to start including employees into the hiring process. Make it a routine, whether that is getting an employee involved in an office tour, half a day of shadowing or a simple 5-minute chat. This is still inclusive, but can be done in a way which works best for business functionality and makes the process more personalised, giving candidates a practical insight into the working environment. And after, make use of the feedback from employees, and use this as a contributing factor when choosing the ideal candidate.



Why go to all this effort to include them? Transparency and communication are key. Not only will this be a huge benefit in attracting more candidates and securing the right ones, but it also reflects well the value of your employees by securing their opinion and practical assistance in an important part of your organisation’s functionality. A win for the business, a win for employees and a win for candidates.


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