14 Ways To Show Your Employees Some Love


You wouldn’t tell your partner that you love them just once a year on Valentine’s Day so why aren’t you telling your employees more?

Sometimes staff feel like they are underappreciated for what they do. It’s important to not forget that without your them the everyday functionality of your business would fail and showing them you’re grateful for their hard work can go a long way.


So, to help you, Recruitive has put together 14 ways you can reignite your relationship..


  1. Ask for Their Input

Relationships can be rocky so start by being a better listener. Whether it be how to improve the office environment or advice on what procedures could be better, ask your employees what they think and listen to their responses. You’ll probably find they have a lot to say so give them the chance to say it. By doing so you’re showing that their opinion is valued.


  1. 1-1s

Make time for each other. Plan regular 1-1’s with staff members away from their day to day working space. This is a great opportunity to address any issues that may be of concern, get progress updates or just generally ask how they are.

Offering your employees personal time 1 on 1 gives them the chance to get things off their chest in a confidential environment.


  1. Offer More Responsibility

Show your employees you trust them by giving them more responsibility. Not only will it show you have confidence in them to do a good job, but it also allows you to ease a bit of your workload too.


  1. Employee of The Month

Make it a date. Employee of the month is a simple way to show your employees some appreciation. Publicly praise them in the office for their hard work and give them a simple gift like a voucher, monthly office parking space or a paid lunch.


  1. Personal Gratitude

Get personal by showing your employees you appreciate them not just for employee of the month but whenever it’s due. If you’re happy with a piece of work say. Don’t wait for their official 1-1, praise them there and then in person not on an email.


  1. Give and ReceiveĀ 

Don’t just say they’re doing a great job, show them. Create an environment which celebrates success. Offer the chance for employees to pass around an object when they want to recognise someone’s dedication. It could be something simple like a mug, badge or trophy.


  1. Team Activities

Give them something to look forward to by planning team activities outside of work. It doesn’t have to be for ‘team-building’ purposes. It could be as simple as getting everyone together at the end of a working day for a drink, get to know your staff socially as well as professionally.


  1. Feed Them

Food. The way to most people’s hearts. Buy them some snacks or create a weekly tradition like pizza every Friday or breakfast on a Monday, it might make them find some extra motivation to come into work that day!


  1. Be Transparent

A good relationship is formed with trust so, be honest and transparent with your staff. Keep them up to date with company news to make them feel involved in the company’s progression.


  1. Publicise Your Appreciation

Show them off by not only creating an office wall of fame but by publicly declaring your appreciation for them online. Put a post on social media recognising your employees. It also works as great marketing for your company.


  1. Celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries

Make them feel special by making a day all about them. Keep track of people’s birthdays and work anniversaries and get other employees involved with a present idea.


  1. Suggestion Box

Sometimes the classics work the best. Give your employees the opportunity to express their thoughts anonymously with a suggestion box. It’s a great tool to get new ideas and feedback.


  1. Reward System

Give back by creating a reward system. Provide incentives by letting employees redeem their hard work for personalised rewards. It could be for an early finish one day or tickets to their favourite show.


  1. Support Their Interests/Causes

Share the passion by contributing to a charity, cause or get involved in an activity that they enjoy. It could be a fundraiser for their chosen charity or weekly sporting activity. Let staff vote for what would mean the most to them.

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