Our predictions for the changing recruitment market
Dramatic industry changes are happening as we switch from what was a Candidate Driven market into […]
AI The Future Of Recruitment
Artificial Intelligence is shaping the future of recruitment, automating tasks like parsing CV’s and evaluating interviews. […]
Social Media Recruitment
How Can Social Media Be Used In Recruitment? It Can Be Used To: Create Awareness of […]
Employment Rates
UK Employment hits a record high again according to the Office for National Statistics with a 76.5% employment figure so do you stay ahead when you recruit?
Psychometric Testing.
Recruitment is a time consuming, costly necessity for every company. With the industry constantly changing, you have to keep up with the times.
2GT Recruitment Website
Welcome to the new 2GT recruitment website for the oil and gas sector. 2GT contacted Recruitive at the end of 2019 for the development of a new website.
The Perfect Someone
The Applicant Tracking Software you need to help smooth the transition into the lasting relationship between your company and that perfect someone.
Recruit greener.
Many organisations are using outdated recruitment processes and by updating your HR carbon footprint you could also reduce the time and money to recruit.
Recruitive plant trees for the environment.
Recruitive LTD planted 74 trees yesterday (Wednesday 5th February) with Cannock Chase District Council in a bid to help the environment.
Flexible working
Flexible working is the main concern for candidates in 2020 with more and more employers offering the benefit year on year but what are the benefits?