World Mental Health Day

There are obvious reasons why investing in mental health is important for businesses, especially in the current climate.

Mental Health issues have soared in 2020 with more than half of adults (60%) and over two-thirds of young people (68%) saying that their mental health got significantly worse during the lockdown according to Mental Health Charity Mind.

And with more restrictions yet to come into place, businesses should use World Mental Health Day to evaluate their current resources and invest in any grey areas.

Here is how and why…


Flexible Working Policies

Flexible working can be introduced in the interests of the employer and their employees, therefore providing ‘flexibility’ for all parties. As lockdown proved, non-traditional working methods are adaptable and can deliver the same, if not better results. If businesses choose not to permanently offer it within their infrastructure, current employees and potential candidates will be driven away for a better employment deal.



Invest in Professional Training. Staff and management can be educated on the signs to look for, the procedures to follow and the resources that are available both in-house and externally. This training could save someone’s life by ensuring employees are appropriately equipped to deal with a situation accordingly.


Well-Being Programme

Put in place a structured well-being programme to not only be prepared for a situation but to prevent one. What are your current processes for dealing with a mental health issue? Do staff members receive the appropriate material? Who does the responsibility lie with should a situation occur? Do your employees know what to do if concerned for others or their own mental well-being?


Third-Party Resources 

Some business may not have sufficient resources to deal with all matters in-house, and it can be good to have a third-party resource regardless, as it may not always be suitable to staff members to raise concerns in-house. A professional third-party resource can be utilised by staff in confidence, supply them with the appropriate support and raise the issue with the employer when deemed necessary for all. They can also help in ensuring you have the appropriate in-house procedures.


In-House Resources 

Are you appropriately equipped? Even if you do utilise a third-party support network, employers should have a basic set of in-house resources so they can deal with situations efficiently. For example, this may be done by investing in training as discussed, appointing a mental health first aider, or introducing mental health screening.


Well-Being Activities 

Supplying well-being activities is a great way to invest in your employee’s mental health. They are great for team building, creating a work-life balance and to relieving stress. Even more so when exercise-related, helping to not only improve mental health but physical health.

For more support visit the Mental Health Foundation Website –


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