Horton Housing

We are extremely happy to finally publicise our project with Horton Housing!

For over 30 years, Horton Housing has been providing housing-related support services, helping people to get the most out of life through their training, care, and support.

When we started our discussions with them last year for the development of a new ATS and careers site, they expressed extreme dissatisfaction with their current hiring process.

What was crucial to them was the candidate experience, having started to notice an increase in candidate drop-offs.

Our job was to provide them with the full functionality that they required, in a user-friendly process for all stakeholders involved.

Their department users have their own hiring portal within the ATS, with drag and drop functionality and a level of access controlled by their main admin users.

This user-friendly experience was also essential for candidates, aiming to minimise the hoops they needed to jump through to improve uptake.

Similar to the approach used within our Scania project, Horton Housing did not want the candidates to have to register in any way when applying through their careers site.

The system also helps not only with candidate drop off but with their candidate attraction strategies by being integrated with our multi-job poster, Job Mate. This allows them to post to premium and free to post jobs boards from within the system.

The multi-poster also works in conjunction with their Careers Website. It instantly posts their jobs not only to relevant jobs boards but to their own careers site and social networking platforms and with having been submitted to Google Jobs, all of their jobs will now show at the top of relevant Google search.

They also have an onboarding section, a place where they can welcome new employees with welcome videos.

Both their cloud ATS and Careers site is GDPR compliant, mobile compatible and secure.

They are also fully white labelled to the client and aesthetically work alongside the tone and branding of their main corporate website.

And since the launch, we have connected their website to Google Analytics and Search Console, to enable us to regularly review the careers sites’ performance to ensure maximum return.

We have also begun working on a customisable shortlisting form based on a scoring system, a form which they can assign to each job and department for use either during or after an interview.

If you would like to find out how our solutions could also help in solving your recruitment headaches, get in touch. We would be more than happy to help.

You can view the Horton Housing Careers Website here.


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