Recruitive ATS Procurement Guide

We understand how difficult it can be to choose any sort of software or new technology, especially when there are multiple on the market to choose from.


Making sure it has all the required features and trusting the provider is only a small part of it, which can often make for a very long-winded pursuit.

With an Applicant Tracking System, this can often be the same, with many factors to consider and stakeholders that need to be involved in the process.

Understandably, companies want to make sure they invest in something which delivers and can be used by their whole network including, hiring managers, recruiters, and even the candidates.

So, to help, we have written our first guide available for free on what you need to know when procuring an ATS.

We know firsthand how useful it can be for recruiters to have this system in place to help with day to day recruitment tasks, so we would never want businesses to be put off by the process to pursue one.

This downloadable step by step ATS Procurement Guide covers all areas of the procuring process including, Stakeholders, Usability, Consulting, Cost, Support, References, Marketing, Technicalities, Design and more.

As every business requires different functionality, we want to make sure you make the best decision that works for you, no matter the provider and we hope this guide makes that process a little bit easier!

It also includes our sample Request For Proposal (RFP) which can also support you in making the right decision in a timely manner.

You can download the FREE ATS Procurement Guide here.

We hope this resource provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to make the right decision, but if you would like some further support with your ATS enquires, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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