Choosing an ATS provider

An ATS is an investment. That’s why searching for the perfect ATS provider is crucial, but easier said than done when there are so many to choose from.

As a software provider ourselves, we discuss the 9 biggest considerations you should make in your procuring process.


Choose a Partner Not Just a Provider

Of course, choosing an ATS provider that supplies the software you desire is the priority, but also look for a provider that is willing to go above and beyond that. What extra services do they offer you? What training do they supply? Will they keep in touch? Are they easy to contact? Do you get a dedicated account manager? Choose a provider that is willing to do some extra groundwork. One who is happy to take the time to understand your business needs, and deliver the solution which is right for you.


Go for Software that is NOT Off the Shelf

Try to avoid ‘off the shelf solutions.’ Nine times out of 10, they will not be suitable. One shoe does not fit all, and neither does software. Can you create bespoke reports and templates? Bespoke is best. Go to a provider that can accommodate you with a system which can be built and branded to your specific requirements. State the features you need and see if it is included, or has the functionality to be. Yes, different sectors will have similar needs, but not all.


Will it Stand the Test of Time?

This again relates to whether it’s a bespoke system. Your needs will most likely change in the future, can the provider adjust to these? The last thing you want is to be doing is continuously needing to change provider as business needs change, it’s not time or cost-efficient. Especially when you are within a contractual agreement. Consider what will work best for you both short, and long-term.


Will it Deliver the Optimal Experience?

Consider the experience that their software delivers. This should be considered in a number of ways. Is it user-friendly and easy to navigate? Can multiple teams make use of it? Does it provide the level of control you desire? Does assist in delivering a positive experience for candidates? Can it serve you through the whole requirement process? Does it integrate with your favourite platforms and technology?


Conduct Your Research!

The market is busy. There are lots of ATS providers, all offering a different solution at a different price. So, research is an absolute necessity to ensure the provider you choose is the perfect one for you. Rank the providers, seek quotes and discuss the solution you desire, look on comparison sites and directories, make use of a free trial or demo.


Look at Their Clientele

Who they are currently supplying says a lot about the business. What kind of businesses do they work with, small, big, start-ups, well known? What sectors do they specialise in? How long have they had those clients? Look for case studies of how they have assisted similar businesses. Also, what other companies do they partner and integrate with?


Is it Easy To Access?

How accessible is the software for both you and the stakeholders involved, including, Hiring Managers, Internal Recruiters, Candidates? Do you need to install additional software to use it? Is it cloud-based? Can it be accessed anywhere and on any device? A system is no good if it cannot be used efficiently.


Does it Include a Multi-poster?

Does it offer a multi-posting functionality? This includes posting to third party jobs boards, social media platforms, and your own careers website. You need to choose a provider that provides the ability for you to post where you would usually advertise your vacancies. If the ATS provider does not integrate with your favourite platforms, are they able to?


Does it Adhere to Data Compliance Regulations?

Rules and compliance are crucial. Not only should it be mobile compatible, but it should also be safe and adhere to data regulations. What certificates do they have? Are they GDPR compliant? Is it secure? Who owns the data? How is candidate data stored?


An ATS provider should be happy to go into this level of detail by answering and answer all of these questions for you. If you need any further assistance in procuring an ATS, download our free guide! It covers all the areas of the procuring process and including an RFP. Download for free here or get in touch to see if we have the solution for you!



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