Do you have a question regarding our Applicant Tracking System? Check out our ATS FAQs page!

We receive a lot of questions about our solutions, whether that be regarding our multi-job posting tool, our recruitment software or website capabilities, so we thought we’d make it even easier for prospects to get the information they require through dedicated FAQ pages!

These pages on our website will hopefully prove a useful resource for clients to utilise, should they have any questions regarding our offerings, starting with our Recruitment Software.

You can check out our ATS FAQs here.


Here are a few we frequently receive:


Is the ATS customisable?

Our ATS is 100% customisable. Not only can application forms, email templates and branding be fully customisable, so can fields within the system.


Can I send emails/SMS?

Our built-in communication suite allows you to communicate with candidates via email and SMS directly from within the system. You can create as many email and SMS templates as you need.


Is the system branded to Recruitive?

No, our software is always white-labelled and branded to the client to preserve the candidate experience and make it feel as though the system really feels as though it is yours.


What does it include?

Our Applicant Tracking Software is a full end to end solution, so it covers everything from Requisition, onboarding, to an HRMS system. We can uniquely design the solution to you and so can include exactly what is needed. Our software also integrates with third-party systems including DBS Checks, Video Interviewing and Psychometric Testing and we also supply dedicated portals for hiring managers and candidates to access.


Who owns the data?

Your collected data is your property. We allow you to export it at any given time.


Is the system GDPR compliant?

Yes, all of our solutions meet GDPR regulations, including our recruitment software. Candidates that are in your Talent Pool will willingly have to join your database.


Do you have any others? Send them over to us to answer!


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